[Numpy-discussion] Compare NumPy arrays with threshold

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Thu May 18 20:34:10 EDT 2017

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 5:07 AM, Nissim Derdiger <NissimD at elspec-ltd.com>
> Hi again,
> Thanks for the responses to my question!
> Roberts answer worked very well for me, except for 1 small issue:
> This line:
> close_mask = np.isclose(MatA, MatB, Threshold, equal_nan=True)
> returns each difference twice – once j in compare to I and once for I in
compare to j

No, it returns a boolean array the same size as MatA and MatB. It literally
can't contain "each difference twice". Maybe there is something else in
your code that is producing the doubling that you see, possibly in the
printing of the results.

I'm not seeing the behavior that you speak of. Please post your complete
code that produced the doubled output that you see.

import numpy as np

MatA = np.array([[10,20,30],[40,50,60]])
MatB = np.array([[10,30,30],[40,50,160]])
Threshold = 1.0

# Note the `atol=` here. I missed it before.
close_mask = np.isclose(MatA, MatB, atol=Threshold, equal_nan=True)
far_mask = ~close_mask
i_idx, j_idx = np.nonzero(far_mask)
for i, j in zip(i_idx, j_idx):
    print("{0}, {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}, Fail".format(i, j, MatA[i, j], MatB[i,
j], Threshold))

I get the following output:

$ python isclose.py
0, 1, 20, 30, 1.0, Fail
1, 2, 60, 160, 1.0, Fail

Robert Kern
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