[Numpy-discussion] Future of ufuncs

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Sun May 28 16:53:33 EDT 2017

Hi All,

This post is to open a discussion of the future of ufuncs. There are two
contradictory ideas that have floated about regarding ufuncs evolution. One
is to generalize ufuncs to operate on buffers, essentially separating them
from their current entanglement with ndarrays. The other is to accept that
they are fundamentally part of the ndarray universe and move them into the
multiarray module, thus avoiding the odd overloading of functions in the
multiarray module. The first has been a long time proposal that I once
thought sounded good, but I've come to prefer the second. That change of
mind was driven by the resulting code simplification and the removal of a
dependence on a Python feature, buffers, that we cannot easily modify to
adapt to changing needs and new dtypes. Because I'd like to move the
ufuncs, if we decide to move them, sometime after NumPy 1.14 is released,
now seems a good time to decide the issue.


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