[Numpy-discussion] MATLAB to Numpy

Andrei Berceanu berceanu at runbox.com
Sat Oct 21 13:45:46 EDT 2017


I am new to Numpy, and would like to start by translating a (badly written?) piece of MATLAB code. 
What I have come up with so far is this:

px = np.zeros_like(tmp_px); py = np.zeros_like(tmp_py); pz = np.zeros_like(tmp_pz)
w = np.zeros_like(tmp_w)
x = np.zeros_like(tmp_x); y = np.zeros_like(tmp_y); z = np.zeros_like(tmp_z)  

for i in range(tmp_px.size):
    if tmp_px[i] > 2:
        j += 1
        px[j] = tmp_px[i]
        py[j] = tmp_py[i]
        pz[j] = tmp_pz[i]
        w[j] = tmp_w[i]
        x[j] = tmp_x[i]
        y[j] = tmp_y[i]
        z[j] = tmp_z[i]

px=px[:j+1]; py=py[:j+1]; pz=pz[:j+1]
x=x[:j+1]; y=y[:j+1]; z=z[:j+1]

It works, but I'm sure it's probably the most inefficient way of doing it. What would be a decent rewrite?

Thank you so much,
Best regards,

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