[Numpy-discussion] Direct GPU support on NumPy

Yasunori Endo jo7ueb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 10:37:16 EST 2018


I recently started working with Python and GPU,
found that there're lot's of libraries provides
ndarray like interface such as CuPy/PyOpenCL/PyCUDA/etc.
I got so confused which one to use.

Is there any reason not to support GPU computation
directly on the NumPy itself?
I want NumPy to support GPU computation as a standard.

If the reason is just about human resources,
I'd like to try implementing GPU support on my NumPy fork.
My goal is to create standard NumPy interface which supports
both CUDA and OpenCL, and more devices if available.

Are there other reason not to support GPU on NumPy?

Yasunori Endo
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