[Numpy-discussion] Direct GPU support on NumPy

Yasunori Endo jo7ueb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 16:21:03 EST 2018

Hi all

Numba looks so nice library to try.
Thanks for the information.

This suggests a new, higher-level data model which supports replicating
> data into different memory spaces (e.g. host and GPU). Then users (or some
> higher layer in the software stack) can dispatch operations to suitable
> implementations to minimize data movement.
> Given NumPy's current raw-pointer C API this seems difficult to implement,
> though, as it is very hard to track memory aliases.
I understood modifying numpy.ndarray for GPU is technically difficult.

So my next primitive question is why NumPy doesn't offer
ndarray like interface (e.g. numpy.gpuarray)?
I wonder why everybody making *separate* library, making user confused.
Is there any policy that NumPy refuse standard GPU implementation?


Yasunori Endo
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