[Numpy-discussion] PowerPC machine available from OSUOSL

Allan Haldane allanhaldane at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 14:47:35 EST 2018

Hi all,

For building and testing Numpy on the PowerPC arch, I've requested and
obtained a VM instance at OSUOSL, which provides free hosting for
open-source projects. This was suggested by @npanpaliya on github.


I have an immediate use for it to fix some float128 ppc problems, but it
can be useful to other numpy devs too. If you are a numpy dev and want
access to a ppc system for testing, I can gladly create an account for
you. For now, just send me an email with your desired username and a
public ssh key. We can discuss permissions and management depending on

=== VM details ===

It is single node, Ubuntu 16.04.1, ppc64 POWER (Big Endian) arch,
"m1_small" flavor, with usage policy at

I've installed the packages needed to build and test numpy.
I ran tests: Numpy 1.13.3 has 2 unimportant test failures, but as
expected 1.14 has ~20 more failures related to float128 reprs.

=== Other services to Consider ===

I did not request it but they provide a "Power CI" service which allows
automated testing of ppc arch on github. If we want this I can look into
it more. We might also consider asking for a node with ppc64le (Little
Endian) arch for testing, but maybe the big-endian one is enough.


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