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Hi all,

In September the NumFOCUS Summit for 2018 will be held in New York. NumPy
can send one representative (or a couple, but costs are only covered for
one person). We opened this opportunity up to members of the Steering
Council first, however it doesn't look like anyone is in the position to
attend. Therefore we'd now like to ask if anyone else would like to attend.

Rules of the game: you do need a strong affiliation with the project (e.g.
you have commit right, have been contributing for a while, have been hired
to work on NumPy, etc.); in case multiple people are interested then the
NumPy Steering Council will make a decision.

If you're interested, please reply here or off-list.


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Date: Wed, Jun 27, 2018 at 4:35 PM
Subject: [NumFOCUS Projects] NumFOCUS Summit Registration
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*Hi all,We’d like to share some additional details on this year’s NumFOCUS
Project Summit.  The Sustainability Workshop portion of the Summit (Sept
22-23) is an opportunity for projects to focus on creating roadmaps and
developing strategies for long-term sustainability. This year we would like
your help in generating the content and driving the direction of the
workshop. We’ll be reaching out for your suggestions on specific areas you
would like to see addressed.The Project Forum for Core Developers and
Critical Users (Sep 24-25) is a meeting, open to the public, for critical
users to directly interact with the core developers of NumFOCUS projects.
The goal is to connect you with resources to advance your community
roadmaps while beginning a dialogue with key stakeholders. The event will
be limited to 150 attendees. Again, we will be giving participants (both
projects and users) an opportunity to drive the content and agenda.
NumFOCUS will cover travel expenses for one representative per sponsored
project. This includes an airfare allotment of $600 and hotel
accommodations for 4 nights in New York City. The airfare amount is an
average; we understand international travel costs will exceed this amount.
Please contact us if you would like to have more than one rep attend. When
choosing who will attend, we ask that you prioritize members of your
leadership team or steering committee as this will help your project get
the most benefit out of the Summit experience. In order to book hotel
rooms, it is urgent that we know who will be attending as soon as possible.
We’ve set up the following site for project leads to register: <link
removed by Ralf>Once again, if you’re interested in working on any portion
of the summit, we would love your input and leadership in setting the
agenda. Please reach out to summit at numfocus.org <summit at numfocus.org> if
you would like to be involved.  NumFOCUS Summit Committee-Andy TerrelJames
PowellLeah SilenGina HelfrichJim Weiss*
Leah Silen
Executive Director, NumFOCUS
leah at numfocus.org

<https://twitter.com/NumFOCUS> <https://www.facebook.com/NumFOCUS/>

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