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Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 17:08:24 EDT 2018

Hi All,

The NumPy Steering Council has been looking at commit rights for the NumPy
developers hired at BIDS. We would like them to be able to label PRs, close
issues, and merge simple fixes; doing that requires commit privileges.
OTOH, it is also the case that people paid to work on NumPy don't
automatically receive commit privileges. So it is a bit a quandary and we
don't seem to have an official document codifying the giving of commit
privileges, and the Github privileges are rather coarse grained, pretty
much all or nothing for a given repository.

The situation has also caused us to rethink commit privileges in general,
perhaps we are being too selective. So there is some interest in offering
commit privileges more freely, with the understanding that they are needed
for many of the mundane tasks required to maintain NumPy, but that new
people should be conservative in their exercise of the privilege. Given the
reality of the Github environment, such a system needs be honor based, but
would allow more people an opportunity to participate at a deeper level.

So in line with that, we are going to give both of the BIDS workers commit
privileges, but also extend the option of commit privileges for issue
triage and other such things to the community at large. If you have
contributed to NumPy and are interested in having commit rights, please
respond to this post, but bear in mind that this is an experiment and that
things might change if the system is abused.

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