[Numpy-discussion] backwards compatibility and deprecation policy NEP

Marten van Kerkwijk m.h.vankerkwijk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 22:00:16 EDT 2018

>    - We enforce good practices in our code. For example, we will
>       explicitly disallow subclassing from ndarray, we get rid of scalars, we fix
>       the type system.
> Given my other reply, probably no surprise that I strongly disagree with
the idea of disallowing subclasses. But I'll add to that reply a more
general sentiment, that I think one of the problems has been to think that
as one develops code, one thinks one knows in advance what users may want
to do with it, what input makes sense, etc. But at least I have found that
I am often wrong, that I'm not imaginative enough to know what people may
want to do. So, my sense is that the best one can do is to make as few
assumptions as possible, so avoid coercing, etc. And if the code gets to a
position where it needs to guess what is meant, it should just fail.

-- Marten
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