[Numpy-discussion] NEP: Dispatch Mechanism for NumPy’s high level API

Hameer Abbasi einstein.edison at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 14:52:43 EDT 2018

I also am not sure there is an actual problem: In the scheme as proposed,
implementations could just coerce themselves to array and call the routine
again. (Or, in the scheme I proposed, call the routine again but with

Ah, I didn’t think of the first solution. `coerce=True` may not produce the
desired solution in cases where some arguments can be coerced and some

However, such a design may still have some benefits. For example:

   - ``array1.HANDLED_TYPES = [array1]``
   - ``array2.HANDLED_TYPES = [array1, array2]``
   - ``array1`` is coercible.
   - None of these is a sub/super class of the other or of ``ndarray``
   - When calling ``np.func(array1(), array2())``, ``array1`` would be
   coerced with your solution (because of the left-to-right rule and
   ``array1`` choosing to coerce itself) but not with

I think that in the proposed scheme this is effectively what happens.

Not really, the current scheme is unclear on what happens if none of the
arguments implement ``__array_function__`` (or at least it doesn’t
explicitly state it that I can see).
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