[Numpy-discussion] NEP: Random Number Generator Policy

Stephan Hoyer shoyer at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 23:55:12 EDT 2018

> This is a little weird; "mtrand" is an implementation detail already.
>> There's exactly 3 instances of that in scikit-learn, so replacing those
>> with a sane name (with a long timeline, say 4 numpy versions at least plus
>> a major version number bump) doesn't seem unreasonable.
> Everything in this paragraph is explicitly just about the initial release
> with the new subsystem. A following paragraph says that we should revisit
> all of these in following releases.

This already read a little strangely to me -- it sounded like an indefinite
pronouncement. It would be good to clarify :).

Otherwise, I am quite happy with this NEP! It avoids unnecessary churn, and
opens the door to much needed improvements in numpy.random.
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