[Numpy-discussion] NEP 21: Simplified and explicit advanced indexing

Hameer Abbasi einstein.edison at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 04:34:37 EDT 2018

I actually had to think a lot, read docs, use SO and so on to realise what
those meant the first time around, I didn’t understand them on sight.

And I had to keep coming back to the docs from time to time as I wasn’t
exactly using them too much (for exactly this reason, when some problems
could be solved more simply by doing just that).

I’d prefer something that sticks in your head and “underscore” for
“indexing” didn't do that for me.

Of course, this was my experience as a first-timer. I’d prefer not to up
the learning curve for others in the same situation.

An experienced user might disagree. :-)

Best Regards,
Hameer Abbasi
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On 26. Jun 2018 at 10:28, Eric Wieser <wieser.eric+numpy at gmail.com> wrote:

Another thing I’d say is arr.?index should be replaced with arr.?idx.

Or perhaps arr.o_[] and arr.v_[], to match the style of our existing
np.r_, np.c_, np.s_, etc?
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