[Numpy-discussion] Splitting MaskedArray into a separate package

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Wed May 23 15:06:52 EDT 2018

MaskedArray is a strange but useful creature. This NEP proposes to 
distribute it as a separate package under the NumPy brand.

As I understand the process, a proposed NEP should be first discussed 
here to gauge general acceptance, then after that the details should be 
discussed on the pull request itself 

Here is the motivation section from the NEP:

> MaskedArrays are a sub-class of the NumPy ``ndarray`` that adds
> masking capabilities, i.e. the ability to ignore or hide certain array
> values during computation.
> While historically convenient to distribute this class inside of NumPy,
> improved packaging has made it possible to distribute it separately
> without difficulty.
> Motivations for this move include:
>  * Focus: the NumPy package should strive to only include the
>    `ndarray` object, and the essential utilities needed to manipulate
>    such arrays.
>  * Complexity: the MaskedArray implementation is non-trivial, and imposes
>    a significant maintenance burden.
>  * Compatibility: MaskedArray objects, being subclasses of `ndarrays`,
>    often cause complications when being used with other packages.
>    Fixing these issues is outside the scope of NumPy development.
> This NEP proposes a deprecation pathway through which MaskedArrays
> would still be accessible to users, but no longer as part of the core
> package.

Any thoughts?

Matti and Stefan

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