[Numpy-discussion] Prep for NumPy 1.16.0 branch

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 16:48:19 EST 2018

On 4/11/18 8:04 pm, Charles R Harris wrote:
> Hi All,
> Time to begin looking forward to the NumPy 1.16.x branch. I think 
> there are three main topics to address:
>  1. current PRs that need review and merging,
>  2. critical fixes that need to be made,
>  3. status of `__array_function__`.
> The last probably needs some discussion. `__array_fuction__` seems to 
> be working at this point, but does cause noticeable slowdowns in some 
> function calls. I don't know if those slowdowns are significant in 
> practice, the only way to discover that may be to make the release, or 
> at least thorough testing of the release candidates, but we should at 
> least discuss them and possible workarounds if needed. Trying to have 
> things in good shape is important because 1.16.x will be the last 
> release that supports Python 2.7, and even though we will be 
> maintaining it for the next year, that will be easier if it is stable. 
> As to the first two topics, I think we should try to be conservative 
> at this point and look mostly for bug fixes and documentation updates.
> Thoughts?
> Chuck

Beyond things with the 1.16 milestone, it would be nice to address the 
structured array cleanup 
https://gist.github.com/ahaldane/6cd44886efb449f9c8d5ea012747323b and to 
get the matmul-as-ufunc https://github.com/numpy/numpy/pull/12219 merged


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