[Numpy-discussion] numpy pprint?

Mark Harfouche mark.harfouche at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 00:11:20 EST 2018


Visualizing data is definitely a complex field. I definitely feel your pain.
Printing your data is but one way of visualizing it, and probably only
useful for very small and constrained datasets.
Have you looked into set_printoptions
to see how numpy’s existing capabilities might help you with your

The code you showed seems quite good. I wouldn’t worry about performance
when it comes to functions that will seldom be called in tight loops.
As you’ll learn more about python and numpy, you’ll keep expanding it to
include more use cases.
For many of my projects, I create small submodules for visualization
tailored to the specific needs of the particular project.
I’ll try to incorporate your functions and see how I use them.

Your original post seems to have some confusion about C Style vs F Style
ordering. I hope that has been resolved.
There is also a lot of good documentation
about transitioning from matlab.


On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 4:46 PM Foad Sojoodi Farimani <f.s.farimani at gmail.com>

> Hello everyone,
> Following this question <https://stackoverflow.com/q/53126305/4999991>,
> I'm convinced that numpy ndarrays are not MATLAB/mathematical
> multidimentional matrices and I should stop expecting them to be. However I
> still think it would have a lot of benefit to have a function like sympy's
> pprint to pretty print. something like pandas .head and .tail method plus
> .left .right .UpLeft .UpRight .DownLeft .DownRight methods. when nothing
> mentioned it would show 4 corners and put dots in the middle if the array
> is to big for the terminal.
> Best,
> Foad
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