[Numpy-discussion] Reminder: Numpy dev meeting Fri-Sat Nov 30-Dec 1

Hameer Abbasi einstein.edison at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 16:17:59 EST 2018

Hi everyone!

Just want to add that I’ll be available remotely for some of the time. You can reach me via email and we can set up a call.

Best Regards,
Hameer Abbasi

> On Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018 at 10:15 PM, Matti Picus <matti.picus at gmail.com (mailto:matti.picus at gmail.com)> wrote:
> We will be meeting at BIDS 9:00AM Friday for a two-day NumPy developer
> meeting. All are welcome, if you haven't already please let Stefan know
> you are coming so we can plan for space. A tentative schedule is here
> https://hackmd.io/gFqjPUSvSmm-0gmBDbrTBw?both
> Feel free to add content (just tag it with your name).
> Tyler, Matti, Stefan.
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