[Numpy-discussion] How to get sources of the current state of 1.16?

Pavlyk, Oleksandr oleksandr.pavlyk at intel.com
Thu Nov 29 17:35:28 EST 2018

Sorry for not being more explicit.

Yes, the milestone gives me a set of PRs whose changes are designated for 1.16

If I were to manually build sources for 1.16 candidate I would

1.       create a branch at some SHA in the master,

2.       cherry-pick commits from PRs enumerated in milestone/58
not reachable from the chosen SHA.

What I am missing is the convention on how to choose the merge-base in step 1.

I am interesting in building sources so that I can try to generate patches on top of these sources in advance, and have myself enough time to resolve possible conflicts.


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There is a GitHub Milestone for 1.16: https://github.com/numpy/numpy/milestone/58

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:54 AM Pavlyk, Oleksandr <oleksandr.pavlyk at intel.com<mailto:oleksandr.pavlyk at intel.com>> wrote:
Are they the same as the current master, or is there a mechanism to query issue tracker for all PRs designated to make it into 1.16?

Even then, what should the base be?

Perhaps this is already documented in either an issue or a PR.

Thanks for the pointer.

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