[Numpy-discussion] Determining NPY_ABI_VERSION statically in compiled extensions

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 17:26:18 EDT 2018

On 08/10/18 23:31, Robert T. McGibbon wrote:
> Is anyone aware of any tricks that can be played with tools like 
> `readelf`, `nm` or `dlopen` / `dlsym` in order to statically determine 
> what version of numpy a fully-compiled C extension (for example, found 
> inside a wheel) was compiled against? Even if it only worked with 
> relatively new versions of numpy, that would be fine.
> I'm interested in creating something similar to 
> https://github.com/pypa/auditwheel that could statically check for 
> compatibility between wheel files and python installations, in 
> situations where the metadata about how they were compiled is missing.
> -- 
> -Robert
NPY_ABI_VERSION is exposed in C as PyArray_GetNDArrayCVersion and 
NPY_API_VERSION is exposed in C as PyArray_GetNDArrayCFeatureVersion. 
These are not incremented for every NumPy release, see the documentation 
in numpy/core/setup_common.py.

The numpy.__version__ is determined by a python file numpy/version.py, 
which is probably what you want to use.

There is an open Issue to better reveal compile time info 


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