[Numpy-discussion] BIDS/NumPy dev meetings, Wednesdays 12pm Pacific

Stefan van der Walt stefanv at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 12 01:43:58 EDT 2018

Hi everyone,

The team at BIDS meets once a week to discuss progress, priorities, and
roadblocks.  While our priorities are broadly determined by the project
roadmap [0], we would like to provide an opportunity for the community
to give more regular and detailed feedback on our work.

We therefore invite you to join us for our weekly calls,
each **Wednesday from 12:00 to 13:00 Pacific Time**.

Detail of the next meeting (2018-10-17) is given in the agenda [1],
which is a growing document—feel free to add topics you wish to discuss.

We hope to see you there!  I will send another reminder next week.

Best regards,

[0] https://www.numpy.org/neps/index.html
[1] https://hackmd.io/YZfpGn5BSu6acAFLBaRjtw#

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