[Numpy-discussion] grant proposal for core scientific Python projects (rejected)

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> On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 10:03 PM Joe Harrington <jh at physics.ucf.edu>
> wrote:
>> 3. There's such a thing as a share-in-savings contract at NASA, in which
>> you calculate a savings, such as from avoided costs of licensing IDL or
>> Matlab, and say you'll develop a replacement for that product that costs
>> less, in exchange for a portion of the savings.  These are rare and few
>> people know about them, but one presenter to the committee did discuss
>> them and thought they'd be appropriate.  I've always felt that we could
>> get a chunk of change this way, and was surprised to find that the
>> approach exists and has a name.  About 3 of 4 people I talk to at NASA
>> have no idea this even exists, though, and I haven't pursued it to its
>> logical end to see if it's viable.
> I've heard of these. Definitely worth looking into.

It seems to be hard to find any information about these share-in-savings
contracts. The closest thing I found is this:

It is called "Shared Savings" there, and was replaced last year by
something called "Value Engineering Change Proposal". If anyone can comment
on whether that's the same thing as Joe meant and whether this is worth
following up on, that would be very helpful.

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