[Numpy-discussion] numba: maps, and list of vectors

Stuart Reynolds stuart at stuartreynolds.net
Thu Jan 17 14:54:22 EST 2019

I'm having great luck using with numba, but there are two problems I find
difficult to solve with it.

Often I want to algorithms that performs a lookup of a list/array of
numbers. And this operation often comes in two flavors:
(1)  <index>  => <int array>             # datastructure.get(0) => array
(2)  <any int key>  => <int array>    # datastructure.get(999999999999) =>

In numba, how to people deal with indexed lookup where the range of the
data structure is a memory managed object (array/list) (1)?

In numba, how to people deal with problems needing hashed lookups (2)?

Are there extension libraries / ways of calling out to C/C++ libraries that
can easily help. (I know Cython is a route, but I am asking about numba

- Stuart
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