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Dashamir Hoxha dashohoxha at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 18:48:37 EDT 2019


With respect to this call for contributions:
I would like to help with improving the website of numpy (and maybe scipy
as well).
I have also applied for the Google Season of Docs 2019, and if accepted, I
will be starting by the beginning of August.

The improvements that I would like to make include:
- Making the website responsive (so that it looks nice on small screens as
well). There are responsive themes for sphinx and I may use one of them.
- Improving the main page (or the landing page) so that it looks a bit more
modern and attractive.
- Reorganizing the structure of the information on the website, so that
people from different backgrounds (students, professionals, etc.) can find
more easily the relevant information that they are looking for. Including
references to the external tutorials or courses about NumPy/SciPy.

Other tentative improvements may be these:
- Reorganize the docs so that each major release has its own version of
docs. Major releases are those that may introduce new features, or in
general, changes in the API (minor releases are the maintenance releases,
which fix bugs, or make small changes, for example to improve the
efficiency, but do not change the API). For example major releases may be
v1.15, v1.16, v1.17 (however I am not sure about this).
- Reorganize the docs so that the core API functionality is shown more
prominently than the rest, and so that functions that may be deprecated in
the future can be marked so (in order to discourage users from using them)
and alternative solutions are suggested instead of them, etc.
- Allow the users to add comments for each function or package. These may
be usage examples for the benefit of other users, or pitfall alerts, or
even bug reports. Reporting bugs on GitHub is better of course, but this
may be a bit easier for the users.

Since these are not incremental changes, if may be better if I work on a
fork of the website repository, until they are finished and the new website
is ready.

Dashamir Hoxha
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