[Numpy-discussion] Beginner Help: Generating HTML using Sphinx

Sanchi Vaishnavi vaishnavi.sanchi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 06:28:31 EDT 2019

I was learning to get to $ make html to work. These are the final steps
that I used on my test branch in my numpy repo:

$  sphinx-build -b html doc/source builddir
> >> build succeeded, 165 warnings.

$  make html

>> make: *** No rule to make target `html’.  Stop.

I checked one of the resultant HTML pages, and the changes had been made as
But to make sense of the last message, on reading on forums
(StackOverflow), I found that I got that error because I was in the
directory which* did not* contain the makefile. So:

$  cd doc
> $  make html
> >> sphinx-build: error: unrecognized arguments: --keep-going
> >> make: *** [html] Error 2

 I can't make sense of the last two errors. I had followed the instructions
from NumPy
<http://www.numpy.org/devdocs/docs/howto_build_docs.html#sphinx-extensions> and
I realize that this question is not about NumPy, so I appreciate any
resource you can point me to.

Thank you!

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