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Somehow that got sent before I was done. (Like my use of the passive voice

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Do any of you know of a style guide for computational / numpy code?

I don't mean code that will go into numpy itself, but rather, users code
that uses numpy (and scipy, and...)

I know about (am a proponent of) PEP8, but it doesn’t address the unique
needs of scientific programming.

This is mostly about variable names. In scientific code, we often want:

- variable names that match the math notation- so single character names,
maybe upper or lower case to mean different things ( in ocean wave
mechanics, often “h” is the water depth, and “H” is the wave height)

-to distinguish between scalar, vector, and matrix values — often UpperCase
means an array or matrix, for instance.

But despite (or because of) these unique needs, a style guide would be
really helpful.

Anyone have one? Or even any notes on what you do yourself?



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