[Numpy-discussion] Was the range() function ever created?

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> I can't be the first person who asked about range() that calculates the
> *actual* range of two numbers.
> I have not used numpy or pandas long enough to know, but how has it been
> dealt with before?

First, through `describe()`, then they added `value_range()`, then they
deprecated `value_range()` in favor of `describe()` again.


You can ask on the pandas-dev mailing list why:

As for numpy, trying to come up with the right semantics for the shape of
the output is usually when such discussions die. Functions like a
statistical range calculation are expected to be like `min()` and `max()`
and allow us to apply them axis-wise (e.g. just down columns or just across
rows, or more any other axis in an N-D array). Odds are, the way that we'll
pack the two results into a single output will probably not be what you
want in half of the cases, so you'll just have to unpack anyways, and at
that point, it's just not *that* much more convenient than calling `min()`
and `max()` separately. So every time we write `xmin, xmax = x.min(),
x.max()`, we grumble a little bit, but it's just a grumble, not a
significant pain.

pandas has other considerations, but you'll have to ask them.

Robert Kern
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