[Numpy-discussion] round / set_printoptions discrepancy

Irvin Probst irvin.probst at ensta-bretagne.fr
Fri Sep 13 06:48:55 EDT 2019

Is it expected/documented that np.round and np.set_printoptions do not 
output the same result on screen ?
I tumbled into this running this code:

import numpy as np
mes = np.array([
     [16.06, 16.13, 16.06, 16.00, 16.06, 16.00, 16.13, 16.00]

avg = np.mean(mes, axis=1)
print(np.round(avg, 2))

Which outputs:


Is that worth a bug report or did I miss something ? I've been able to 
reproduce this on many windows/linux PCs with python/numpy releases from 
2017 up to last week.


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