[Numpy-discussion] round / set_printoptions discrepancy

Irvin Probst irvin.probst at ensta-bretagne.fr
Fri Sep 13 08:45:23 EDT 2019

On 13/09/2019 14:05, Philip Hodge wrote:
> Isn't that just for consistency with Python 3 round()?  I agree that 
> the discrepancy with np.set_printoptions is not necessarily expected, 
> except possibly for backwards compatibility.

I've just checked and np.set_printoptions behaves as python's round:

 >>> round(16.055,2)
 >>> np.round(16.055,2)

I don't know why round and np.round do not behave the same, actually I 
would even dare to say that I don't care :-)
However np.round and np.set_printoptions should provide the same output, 
shouldn't they ? This discrepancy is really disturbing whereas 
consistency with python's round looks like the icing on the cake but in 
no way a required feature.


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