[Numpy-discussion] Low-level API for Random

Kevin Sheppard kevin.k.sheppard at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 16:36:44 EDT 2019

> I'd like to clarify what exactly we mean by exposing a C API.  Do we have
> in mind that our random number generators can be used from standalone C
> code, or via Cython `cimport` like with the current numpy.pxd?
> It sounds like we want to expose the highest level generators; do we also
> want to provide access to the bit streams?
What do you mean by standalone C?  A Python extension is written in C (but
not Cython)?  Or a C application that doesn't include Python.h?  The former
is pretty easy since you can use a few PyObjects to simplify initializing
the bit generator, and the rest of the code can be directly used in C
without any more Python objects.  The latter is also doable although the
low-level functions needed to initialize the bit generators (which are just
C structs) have no standardization.  I think the only component in a
standalone C application that would need some non-trivial work is
SeedSequence (i.e., more than changing function names or reorganizing

Like Robert, I suspect that Cython users would be the largest immediate
beneficiaries of a lower-level API.

numba end-users can already consume the bit generators through the exposed
CFFI/ctypes interface they provide.  These can then be used with the
higher-leverl generators, although end users have to build a shared lib/DLL
first. Getting the C API in shape to be used directly by numba is probably
a bigger task.

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