[Numpy-discussion] Feelings about type aliases in NumPy

Stefan van der Walt stefanv at berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 24 14:10:15 EDT 2020

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020, at 08:45, Joshua Wilson wrote:
> But, Stephan pointed out that it might be confusing to users for
> objects to only exist at typing time, so we came around to the
> question of whether people are open to the idea of including the type
> aliases in NumPy itself. Ralf's concrete proposal was to make a module
> numpy.types (or maybe numpy.typing) to hold the aliases so that they
> don't pollute the top-level namespace. The module would initially
> contain the types

That sounds very sensible.  Having types available with NumPy should also encourage their use, especially if we can add some documentation around it.


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