[Numpy-discussion] Experimental `like=` attribute for array creation functions

Sebastian Berg sebastian at sipsolutions.net
Mon Aug 10 11:30:23 EDT 2020

Hi all,

as a heads up that Peter Entschev has a PR open to add `like=` to
most array creation functions, my current plan is to merge it soon as a preliminary API and bring it up again before the actual release (in a few months).  This allows overriding for array-likes, e.g. it will allow:

    arr = np.asarray([3], like=dask_array)
    type(arr) is dask.array.Array

This was proposed in NEP 35:


Although that has not been accepted as of now, the PR is:


This was discussed in a smaller group, and is an attempt to see how we
can make the array-function protocol viable to allow packages such as
sklearn to work with non-NumPy arrays.

As of now, this would be experimental and can revisit it before the
actual NumPy release.  We should probably discuss accepting NEP 35
more. At this time, I hope that we can put in the functionality to
facilitate this discussion, rather the other way around.

If anyone feels nervous about this step, I would be happy to document
that we will not include it in the next release unless the NEP is
accepted first, or at least hide it behind an environment variable.



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