[Numpy-discussion] Migrating code to eliminate references to numpy/core/include/numpy/npy_3kcompat.h (?)

Otto Hirr ottohirr at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 17:32:03 EDT 2020


Need to remove npy_3kcompat.h from any source code location since
Python2 is no longer supported.

Ran into an error after compiling various apps regarding
npy_PyErr_ChainExceptionsCause() being undefined at runtime.

Poking around shows that this is related to npy_3kcompat.h, which
seems to be for Python2 compatibility.
(There is a differently named counterpart for Python3.)

This seems to be used in a couple of numpy/core/src/multiarray files.

Seems that since Python2 is no longer supported, cleaning up cruft of
P2 will improve code and should eliminate the problem I ran into, (or
else move an error report to something else...)

Is this reasonable to eliminate?


(Still getting my feet wet in numpy, scipy, etc.)

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