[Numpy-discussion] Numpy support for Microblaze

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 17:34:19 EST 2020

On 9/1/20 10:03 pm, pnp wrote:
> Are there some steps to add support to a new cpu such as microblaze?
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I don't think we have a documented procedure for adding a new CPU 
architecture: it is not that common.

The microblaze is a soft core built in HDL, targeting an FPGA. I would 
try to break the question into three parts:

- Does the python support for the microblaze implement any the Python C-API?

- Does the C compiler for microblase support enough of the c99 language 
so that NumPy can be synthesized?

and once NumPy is running:

- Are there acceleration libraries that could supply a BLAS-like interface?

My approach would be to "make it run" then "make it fast", but I doubt 
the high-level (c) tools are up to the task of sythesizing the NumPy C 
code to HDL without alot of work.

It might be better to approach this task in a different direction: take 
one of the NumPy-like projects (CuPy might be a good starting point) and 
rewrite the C code parts in a way that can be synthesized.


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