[Numpy-discussion] Python for Climate Action session at SciPy'20

Inessa Pawson albuscode at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 06:38:56 EDT 2020

Hi, Juan!
I’m still in the process of scheduling live networking sessions at SciPy’20
and would be happy to set up one on the topic of Python for Climate Action.
We could host it on July 8th or 10th at 5 - 6 p.m. CDT. Would you be
available to moderate it?

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> Hi everyone,
> If you live in Australia, this has been a rough year to think about
> climate change. After the hottest and driest year on record, over 20% of
> the forest surface area of the south east was burned in the bushfires.
> Although I was hundreds of kilometres from the nearest fire, the air
> quality was rated as hazardous for several days in my city. This brought
> home for me two points.
> One, that "4ºC" is not about taking off a jumper and going to the beach
> more often, but actually represents a complete transformation of our
> planet. 4ºC is what separates us from the last ice age, so we can expect
> our planet in 80 years to be as unrecognisable from today as today is from
> the ice age.
> Two, that climate change is already with us, and we can't just continue to
> ignore the problem and enjoy whatever years of climate peace we thought we
> had left. Greta has it right, we are running out of time and absolutely
> drastic action is needed.
> All this is a prelude to add my voice to everyone who has already said
> that *messing with the NumPy license is absolutely *not* the drastic
> action needed*, and will be counter-productive, as many have noted.
> Having said this, I'm happy that the community is getting involved and
> getting active and coming up with creative ideas to do their part. If
> someone wants to start a "Pythonistas for Climate Action" user group, I'll
> be the first to join. I had planned to give a lightning talk in the vein of
> the above at SciPy, which, and believe me that I hate to hate on my
> favourite conference, recently loudly thanked Shell [1] for being a
> platinum sponsor. (Not to mention that Enthought derives about a third of
> its income from fossil fuel companies.) Unfortunately and for obvious
> reasons I won't make it to SciPy after all, but again, I'm happy to see the
> community rising.
> Perhaps this is derailing the discussion, but, anyone up for a "Python for
> Climate Action" BoF at the conference? I can probably make the
> late-afternoon BoFs given the time difference.
> Juan.
> [1]: https://twitter.com/SciPyConf/status/1276898138977193984
> --
Every good wish,
*Inessa Pawson*
Albus Code
inessa at albuscode.org
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