[Numpy-discussion] Google Summer of Docs Faq and Tutorial Proposed Structure .

Ben Nathanson numpy_gsod at bigriver.xyz
Sat Jul 4 09:40:37 EDT 2020

If you do choose how-tos, I meant to say that the first place to mine
should be this very list. For instance, a question the other day on
seeding random sequences sparked an illuminating and far-reaching

Some things that make this list a great source:

 * Extracting how-tos from the mailing list does a real service --
questions on the mailing list are much less visible via Google search
than SO questions

 * Answers here are likely to be deep and interesting (i.e., not
simply answers you'll find in the docs)

 * We own the list; no doubts about usage rights

 * We have authoritative answers from code authors

Mining only this list would not be enough for a proposal, however;
there'd need to be something else as well (e.g., mining SO/Reddit).

On the subject of mining SO, I'd suggest not only weighting by
frequency but also searching out answers that came from the community
-- e.g. Robert Kern, Warren Weckesser, Jaime Fernández del Río
(jaime), and others whom I apologize for missing. Here again we'd add
value by giving prominence (and an imprimatur) to the best answers.

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