[Numpy-discussion] NumPy 1.19.1 released.

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 17:53:32 EDT 2020

Hi All,

On behalf of the NumPy team I am pleased to announce that NumPy 1.19.1 has
been released. This release supports Python 3.6-3.8 and may be built with
the latest Python 3.9 beta.  It fixes several bugs found in the 1.19.0
release, replaces several functions deprecated in the upcoming Python-3.9
release, has improved support for AIX, and has a number of development
related updates to keep CI working with recent upstream changes.

Downstream developers should use Cython >= 0.29.21 when building for Python
3.9 and Cython >= 0.29.16 when building for Python 3.8. OpenBLAS >= 3.7 is
needed to avoid wrong results on the Skylake architecture. The NumPy Wheels
for this release can be downloaded from PyPI
<https://pypi.org/project/numpy/1.19.1/>, source archives, release notes,
and wheel hashes are available from Github
<https://github.com/numpy/numpy/releases/tag/v1.19.1>. Linux users will
need pip >= 0.19.3 in order to install manylinux2010 and manylinux2014


A total of 15 people contributed to this release.  People with a "+" by
names contributed a patch for the first time.

   - Abhinav Reddy +
   - Anirudh Subramanian
   - Antonio Larrosa +
   - Charles Harris
   - Chunlin Fang
   - Eric Wieser
   - Etienne Guesnet +
   - Kevin Sheppard
   - Matti Picus
   - Raghuveer Devulapalli
   - Roman Yurchak
   - Ross Barnowski
   - Sayed Adel
   - Sebastian Berg
   - Tyler Reddy

*Pull requests merged*
A total of 25 pull requests were merged for this release.

   - #16649: MAINT, CI: disable Shippable cache
   - #16652: MAINT: Replace PyUString_GET_SIZE with PyUnicode_GetLength.
   - #16654: REL: Fix outdated docs link
   - #16656: BUG: raise IEEE exception on AIX
   - #16672: BUG: Fix bug in AVX complex absolute while processing array
   - #16693: TST: Add extra debugging information to CPU features detection
   - #16703: BLD: Add CPU entry for Emscripten / WebAssembly
   - #16705: TST: Disable Python 3.9-dev testing.
   - #16714: MAINT: Disable use_hugepages in case of ValueError
   - #16724: BUG: Fix PyArray_SearchSorted signature.
   - #16768: MAINT: Fixes for deprecated functions in scalartypes.c.src
   - #16772: MAINT: Remove unneeded call to PyUnicode_READY
   - #16776: MAINT: Fix deprecated functions in scalarapi.c
   - #16779: BLD, ENH: Add RPATH support for AIX
   - #16780: BUG: Fix default fallback in genfromtxt
   - #16784: BUG: Added missing return after raising error in methods.c
   - #16795: BLD: update cython to 0.29.21
   - #16832: MAINT: setuptools 49.2.0 emits a warning, avoid it
   - #16872: BUG: Validate output size in bin- and multinomial
   - #16875: BLD, MAINT: Pin setuptools
   - #16904: DOC: Reconstruct Testing Guideline.
   - #16905: TST, BUG: Re-raise MemoryError exception in test_large_zip's...
   - #16906: BUG, DOC: Fix bad MPL kwarg.
   - #16916: BUG: Fix string/bytes to complex assignment
   - #16922: REL: Prepare for NumPy 1.19.1 release


Charles Harris
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