[Numpy-discussion] Numpy Documentation: How-to content

Ryan C. Cooper ryan.c.cooper at uconn.edu
Mon Jun 1 14:17:55 EDT 2020

> This sounds fantastic.


> In what context would the students be creating the notebooks -- as
> part of one of your existing ME courses, as a for-credit project, as a
> supervised but non-credit project?

These would be supervised projects either for work-study or credit.

> What were your thoughts on submission workflow? You review initially,
> then the student directly submits a PR?

My plan was to mentor the initial idea and creation and help the students submit
PRs. For most, this will be their first interaction with Github.

> Suppose several students want to create a notebook on the same topic.
> Would you steer them to another topic, allow them to work
> independently and both submit (and we merge best of both), urge them
> to collaborate?

My hope would be students that are passionate about the same topic could
collaborate. I've had students collaborate on topic ideas for small projects
that worked very well.

> Were you planning to keep the mechanical engineering context for these
> problems, or present abstractly?

I would plan to keep the How-to as an engineering application. It shouldn't
detract from the underlying numerical work.

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