[Numpy-discussion] Numpy FFT normalization options issue (addition of new option)

cvav cv1038 at wildcats.unh.edu
Fri Jun 5 16:15:54 EDT 2020

Ross Barnowski wrote
> One potential issue that stood out to me was the name of the new keyword
> option. At face value, "inverse" seems like a poor choice given the
> established use of the term in Fourier analysis. For example, one might
> expect `norm="inverse"` to mean that scaling is applied to the ifft, when
> this is actually the current default.

Yes that's true, the keyword argument name "inverse" is certainly something
I don't feel sure about. It'd be nice if everyone interested could suggest
names that make sense to them and what's their rationale behind them, so
that we pick something that's as self explanatory as possible. 

My thinking was to indicate that it's the opposite scaling to the default
option "None", so maybe something like "opposite" or "reversed" could be
other choices. Otherwise, we can find something that directly describes the
scaling and not its relationship to the default option.   


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