[Numpy-discussion] Guidelines for NumPy tutorials

Ben Nathanson numpy_gsod at bigriver.xyz
Mon Jun 22 14:42:44 EDT 2020

I've submitted PR #11 in the new numpy-tutorials repo
(https://github.com/numpy/numpy-tutorials/pull/11) to provide a
checklist and standard style for writing tutorials.

Added tutorial content is an objective of NEP 44. We're expecting part
of the content to come from new contributors (for instance, through
Ryan Cooper's generous offer to get his students involved,
The PR will provide a guide for all contributors to work from.

While "tutorial" is often used broadly for introductory material, here
it is closely defined: a multistep participatory walkthrough for a
user new to NumPy.

This is the meaning of "tutorial" in NEP 44; it was originally
distinguished from other kinds of documentation by Daniele Procida

One goal of the PR, in fact, is to make sure the tutorial stays a
tutorial and doesn't mission-creep into other kinds of introductory
documentation. Procida's insight is that mission creep like this leads
to failed docs.

At today's docs meeting it was suggested that the PR be announced on
the mailing list for possible further comment.

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