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Melissa Mendonça melissawm at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 09:03:24 EDT 2020

Hello Christian,

Thanks for your interest in our Google Season of Docs projects. It is great
to hear from you!

If you are interested, I would advise working on the following:

- Familiarizing yourself with the NumPy docs and the workflow for building
them (https://numpy.org/devdocs/dev/howto-docs.html)
- Reading NEP 44 to have an idea of the current vision and focus for the
docs (https://numpy.org/neps/nep-0044-restructuring-numpy-docs.html)
- Working on your own proposal, so we can analyze it later.

You have until July 8 to do this, and if you need help or have questions
about any of the above, please get in touch so we can help. Make sure you
get in touch with the mentors directly by sending your message to
numpy-scipy-gsod at googlegroups.com . Any information you need about the
program is in the official GSoD website (
https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs), and in our proposal (


On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 7:12 PM Christian Nakata <
christian.nakata.acbs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello members of Numpy Community
> My name is Christian Takashi Nakata
> Currently, I'm working with computer vision in my master's degree and your
> project ideas for the GSoD caught my attention.
> I've always wanted to work on open source projects, especially in
> libraries that I usually use.
> I would like to begin contributing to the Numpy documentation.
> However, I never worked with open source projects and I wanted to know
> where I should begin to write a GSoD project proposal.
> I would like to work with refactoring the current documentation aimed at
> beginners.
> For example, in my opinion, the page "NumPy: the absolute basics for
> beginners" is too verbose.
> The amount of information on that page can blur useful information from
> beginner users.
> The page could be divided into subtopics that jump to other pages,
> minimizing the amount of information that the user will face for the first
> time.
> Together, I intend to create new How Tos so that beginners will find it
> easier to work with the library.
> E.g. finishing the "How to read and write data using NumPy" page.
> Best regards,
> Christian T. Nakata
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