[Numpy-discussion] Opportunities for a NumPy sprint in Japan

David Cournapeau cournape at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 22:42:28 EDT 2020

Hi there,

My current employer is organizing regular "hack weeks" where engineers can
work on the projects of their choice. My team is using a lot of pydata
tools, including numpy, so contributing to NumPy would be natural. Before I
decide to add NumPy as a project, I want to make sure it does not create
more burden for the maintainers, the goal is to help the project, and for
my team's members to help them contributing to OSS in "proper way".

I would have time to prepare the hack week, making sure we prepare good
PRs, and even use this time to actually review existing PRs myself. While I
have been away from the project for a long time, I should still be able to
review code, help my team building / testing / debugging, etc.

Does that sound useful ?

The first hack week would be held from 23th to 27th March, in Tokyo.
Everybody would be remote because of the coronavirus, so except for time
difference, if it makes sense, people outside of my employer could join.

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