[Numpy-discussion] GSoD'21 Ideas Disussion

Mukulika Pahari mukulikapahari at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 08:30:08 EDT 2021

Hello everyone!
I am Mukulika Pahari, a Computer Engineering student from India. I wanted
to implement the following ideas for Google Summer of Docs 2021 if given
the opportunity. I have referred to both- the GSoD proposal
and the NEP 44
<https://numpy.org/neps/nep-0044-restructuring-numpy-docs.html> proposal.
Please give me feedback about the ideas!


   Reorganising contents of the documentation into Reference Guide,
   How-Tos, Tutorials and Explanations as per structure proposed in NEP 44


   Auditing existing documentation

   Clearing misplaced content for example Explanations in Reference Guide,
   How-Tos in Explanations etc.

   Establishing distinct Reference, How-Tos, Tutorials and Explanations
   sections with crosslinking where required


   Reorganising landing page of NumPy docs <https://numpy.org/devdocs/>.


   Moving the documentation structure to the left sidebar

   Having NumPy Quickstart as the first thing people see when they land on


   Writing new must-have tutorials (based on most-searched tutorials on


   “How to write a tutorial” guide

   3 Beginner Tutorials

   3 Intermediate Tutorials

   3 Advanced Tutorials


   Writing How-Tos based on most-used functions, most asked doubts on
   StackOverflow, etc.

   Revamping the User Guide.


   Updating out-of-date references and refactoring content to the latest
   best practices

   Adding non-textual images or graphics to enhance the textual explanations

   Removing duplication to improve searchability

I have proposed this work keeping in mind 30ish weeks of work including
a few weeks for becoming familiar with the organisation and ironing out
details like exactly which tutorials and how-tos to write. Please let me
know if I can aim to achieve more in the timeframe.

My experience with NumPy is currently limited to one data analysis project
but I would love to learn more about its applications while restructuring
and developing its docs!

Thank you for your time.
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