[Numpy-discussion] Applying as a potential technical writer for 2021 Season of Docs

NIKITA MAHOVIYA mahoviyanikita at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 12:13:13 EDT 2021

Dear Mentor,

I am a 3rd-year B.Tech undergraduate pursuing  Dual Degree in Electronics
and Communication Engineering at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur,
Himachal Pradesh, India.

I aspire to contribute to the open-source community with my technical
writing skills that I have acquired by contributing to various projects. I
have hands-on experience in handling WordPress websites and am currently
the technical writing head of the leading page of the largest student
community I AM AN NITIAN <https://m.facebook.com/iamannitian>.

During my sophomore year, I undertook a remote internship activity at
MATLAB Helper as a MATLAB Developer Intern for four and a half months from
27th April 2020 to 9th September 2020. My internship activity included
working in the field of MATLAB & promotional content creation. I have
contributed to the organization with my blogs on GUIDE, SIR Modelling and
webinar on Image Processing using Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. I have also worked
on the revision of the online course of Neural Network. During this
internship, I have used tools like MATLAB, Slack, Zoom, Trello, Canva, etc.

Here I am attaching links to my writing work

Blog: Creating a GUI in MATLAB


Blog: Image Processing Using Fuzzy Logic Toolbox


Blog: COVID-19 SIR Modelling for Andhra Pradesh, India


Blog: COVID-19 SIR Modelling for West Bengal, India






Open Source Contribution:

How do object behaviours and attributes differ PR#1326

Defining the correct usage of data types in Java PR#1340

Updated the documentation to reflect the current state of implementation of
Adorsys PR#1204 <https://github.com/adorsys/open-banking-gateway/pull/1204>

Code for saying hello in different languages PR#5

Updated the README file of scorelab/GSoC PR#116

Updated the README file of the squiral library PR#4

I am interested in working on the project idea of Creating high-level
documentation, in the Tutorial or How-to format, covering topics that are
missing from the official documentation, organizing the content which is
currently scattered through the reference documentation thereby structuring
the documentation. I have exposure to documenting projects which involve
beginning from the very initial stage to explaining the various code
snippets and their uses and reaching the conclusion as can be seen from the
blogs which I have developed.  I would like to write relevant and easily
readable documentation that could help people to explore the full potential
of the services.

I would be honoured if I get an opportunity to work on the documentation
project which will be a pillar for future developers. The documentation
will provide an understanding of the entire landscape of solutions.

Please find my resume as an attachment with this mail.

Waiting in anticipation.

Yours sincerely
Nikita Mahoviya
3rd Year B.Tech Undergraduate
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur (H.P.)
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