[Numpy-discussion] GSoD 2021 - Statement of Interest

Mahesh S mahesh6947foss at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 23:31:37 EDT 2021


I am Mahesh from India. I am interested in doing Google Season of Docs with

I have past experience in documentation writing with WordPress and have
completed *Google Summer of Code 2018 *with KDE. I have been an open source
enthusiast and contributor since 2017.My past experience with coding ,code
documentation , understanding code bases ,will help achieve this task
without much input from your end. I have about four years experience
working with Open-Source and currently working as a *Quality
Assurance specialis*t . I have delivered technical talks at international
conferences (KDE-Akademy) and was *mentor of Google Code-In* also. All
these makes me the best candidate for the project.

I am attaching a brief proposal for the work along with this mail. A more
in-depth  A more in depth proposal with timelines , all planned strategies
, document structures will be submitted after more discussion with the
mentors and community.
I am ready to start the work as soon as possible and will be able work 7 to
9 hours per day including weekends. I strongly wish to be part of the NumPy
community even after the project.

Hope to hear from you soon

Thank you
Mahesh S Nair
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