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Dr. Mark Alexander Mikofski PhD mikofski at berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 30 16:31:02 EDT 2021

Hello, sharing a PhD position opening at Utrecht in Netherlands. Read more

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Subject: Fwd: PhD position in the Netherlands; solar energy/Python
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PhD positions with Wilfried van Sark at Utrecht Netherlands

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Subject: PhD position in the Netherlands; solar energy/Python
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Hello all,

I did my MSc with Wilfried at Utrecht (the Netherlands). He's a truly
wonderful mentor with an amazing and broad grasp of the knowledge. 10/10
would recommend doing a PhD there if you or someone you know would like to
develop solar forecasting models. They are looking for pythonistas.

All the best,


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From: dr. Wilfried van Sark - W.G.J.H.... at uu.nl <blackboar... at uu.nl>
Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 4:11 AM
Subject: Master Energy Science: Looking for PhD/junior researchers

Dear all,

I am looking for talented and motivated junior researchers that would be
interested to work in two projects:

1) ROBUST project: this recently granted project is focused on
investigating options for flexibility in local electricity grids by using
vehicle-to-grid technology in neighborhoods in Utrecht and Arnhem. We
require experience with data analysis and simulation using Python. In this
project we collaborate with WeDriveSolar and TUDelft. We have funding for
at least 44 months available.

2) PVObs and SolFaSi projects. Both projects deal with photovoltaic
performance and forecasting. The PVObs project aims to create a large
database of PV systems in the Netherlands in order to assess their
performance and from that determine with better accuracy the contribution
of PV to the national electricity demand. Parnters in this project are CBS
and SunData.
The SolFaSi project aims to develop PV forecasting at high time and spatial
resolutions using all-sky imagers (aka cloud cameras). We will install
three cameras at the UU campus and one at KNMI. This network allows to
construct a moving shadow field over the campus. This should be correlated
with the power generation of the 4000+ PV panels at campus buildings. We
require experience with (big) data analysis and simulation using Python.
We have funding for 24 months available.

If you are interested, or if you know someone who may be interested, please
send me a mail at w.g.j.h.... at uu.nl

best regards

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