[Numpy-discussion] proposal for NumPy sponsorship guidelines (NEP 46)

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 02:42:51 EST 2021

On 12/29/20 1:27 PM, Ralf Gommers wrote:
> Entities who fall under "significant active supporter" we'll call Sponsor.
> The minimum level of support given to NumPy to be considered a Sponsor 
> are:
> - $30,000/yr for unrestricted financial contributions
> - $60,000/yr for financial contributions for a particular purpose
> - $100,000/yr for in-kind contributions

How would this work for one-time contributions, or for sponsors that 
stop contributing? For instance, if an entity gives a $60,000 one-time 
unrestricted contribution (unlikely, but who knows?) would they be 
listed as sponsors for 24 months after the contribution and then have 
their name removed?

Also, the implementation should explicitly mention a mechanism to keep 
track of received contributions.


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