[Numpy-discussion] On the use of adding an expfit class in or next to the polynomial module

Swan BOSC swan.bosc at pm.me
Wed Jan 27 07:24:54 EST 2021

Hello people !
First-of-all, thank you for your great service to the Python community.

I'm working for a project on porting some Octave code base towards Python. As you can imagine, it is a lot of fun, but I sometimes come across functions that are not (yet ?) available in the mighty NumPy package.

Namely, the expfit function, as presented [here](https://octave.sourceforge.io/optim/function/expfit.html) (https://octave.sourceforge.io/optim/function/expfit.html) doesn't seem to exist. I'm currently building a replacement for it in my words (keywords I mean ;) ) but maybe a better solution would be to contribute some code into NumPy.

AFAIK, the preferred way to fit a Polynomial nowadays is to call numpy.polynomial.polynomial.Polynomial.
Do you think that a class for `Exponential` based on that one would be an interesting addition to NumPy ?

Thanks in advance,

Swan BOSC.
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