[Numpy-discussion] copy="never" discussion and no deprecation cycle?

Matti Picus matti.picus at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 16:29:30 EDT 2021

On 16/6/21 11:00 pm, Sebastian Berg wrote:

> Hi all,
> (sorry for the length, details/discussion below)
> On the triage call, there seemed a preference to just try to skip the
> deprecation and introduce `copy="never"`, `copy="if_needed"`, and
> `copy="always"` (i.e. string options for the `copy` keyword argument).

Why this may be controversial: today someone could be calling 
|'||np.array(..., copy="never")', which would call| '|bool("never")', 
which would evaluate to 1, and would end up| doing the exact opposite of 
never. So their code is wrong, and they do not know it but are used to 
the error. If we change this, it would silently fix their code to do 
what they intended.

Is that a correct reading of the problem?

If so, I am in favor of the proposal to use string options in addition 
to boolean options.


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