[Numpy-discussion] Steering Council membership updates

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 06:18:49 EDT 2021

Hi all,

On behalf of the NumPy Steering Council (SC) I have a number of membership
changes to announce.

We're excited to welcome Inessa Pawson and Melissa Mendonça as new SC
members. Inessa has been contributing for close to two years, and has been
a driving force behind the new website, the user survey, and other content
and community initiatives. Melissa has been contributing since the start of
last year, she leads the documentation team, co-maintains f2py, does a lot
of mentoring, and is the PI on our current CZI grant.

A number of people are moving to "emeritus SC member" status: Nathaniel
Smith, Pauli Virtanen, Julian Taylor, Allan Haldane, and Jaime Fernández
del Río. They have been in low (or no) activity mode for a while, and this
membership update reflects that. They all still have commit rights, and if
they get more active we'll of course welcome them back with open arms. With
these changes the SC now consists of the people who have been most active
across the projects' activities and decision-making.

A PR with changes to the governance/people page is up at

While the list of SC members is shrinking, it does feel like the NumPy
project itself is growing. There are a lot of people getting involved, from
new maintainers focusing on technical topics like type annotations and SIMD
acceleration to tutorial writers and people working on website content and
accessibility. Which is awesome to see.

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