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Mike on Python omapython at hostetlerhome.com
Fri Mar 30 16:30:17 CEST 2007

I would use Atom instead of RSS.  As you found out, the RSS standards are,
well, not very standard.  But the Atom standard is quite strong. Most
aggregators can understand Atom as well.  And Python's feedparser
understands it.

A quick google found this:


But I think the problem with using someone else's generator is that the
generator doesn't know about your data -- you still have to tell it what
goes where, so you are kinda building your own generator anyway.  So why
not build your own?  With ElementTree, it wouldn't be too hard to do.

My $0.02 . . .

> I am looking for a module that generates various RSS version* outputs
> based on data passed in to it.  I found Andrew Dalke's PyRSS2Gen but
> was wondering if there is anything else more popular.
> I am looking to make an RSS feed out of emails so I can track some
> newsgroups in my news aggreator.  So a module that would output
> various feed types/versions based on the same input  is what I'm
> looking to find.
> *RSS versions -- is there a "standard" for RSS?  There are always a
> bunch of feed links on pages for the various versions - can I just
> ignore the .91 and .92 variants and just output v2?
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