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Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Thu Nov 15 01:26:58 CET 2007

Eli Criffield wrote:
> You i guess (Jay)
> So how do we get in? Does he need to be there to let us in?

-laugh-  uhh...   Back in September I threw Jon's hat in the ring 
because he said it'd be OK for Pythonistas to meet at PKI. Jeff Hinrichs 
(Python group leader, right?) said he'd contact Jon:


(Why is the email archive private? It should be public.)

That's all I know. I don't want to step on Jeff's toes if he's in the 
middle of some complex negotiation I'm not aware of...  :)    It would 
be great if the leader made the official contact since presumably the 
leader's attendance rate will be very high. 

> I promise to not break anything.


Burch Kealey wrote:
> If it is not done through the room scheduling system then 
> you do not have a claim on the room.

Yes. I assume Jeff will have no trouble officially reserving a room via 
Jon or another faculty representative.

Burch Kealey wrote:

> However, I don't understand how the 
> University will let people park on campus without a parking permit during 
> the week.  If you get a room scheduled please be sure to get positive 
> confirmation about parking. 

Indeed. The Dynamic Language Users Group says they've "never had a 
problem" meeting once a month @ 7pm. I don't know if they've just gotten 
lucky or what. I can't remember who they said their faculty sponsor was.

DynLUG: http://www.blainebuxton.com/odynug/



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